She turns 21

Today 26 October  in history, 21 years ago.

I became a mother of a girl later named her Ong Jing Yi.
She was white and skinny when she was 5 to 6 years old.
But as years go her teenage, I call her "Fat Fat"and  my friend Anna calls her "Moon Face". It was because she is no more skinny but is .........."Fat Fat" and "Moon Face" spell how she looks.
Now, today she turns 21.
She is no more fat like as what I call her,
but I still like to call her Fat Fat and Anna likes to call Moon Face.I wanted to meet her up today, but I was so committed to my job and  failed to do so. .............Oh Dear!!!!   21 is just once in a life time. I am sorry for not being able to share this beautiful moment with her.

She has a wish.............. she wanted to my girl in her next life.........Its a great wish. I said OK let be in a family again in our next life. 

I love you Jean. Happy Birthday to you!!! No birthday cake but sang you a birthday song via phone..