out of my mind

2015 was a brand new year
have been a while I did not write anything

I was busy with Chinese New Year preparation

Jean and I flew to Japan again.
It was a interesting trip.
Ginger was there, we have not met for almost one year.
We were far but i can feel that we are near with smart phone.
It was a happy family trip.
We met the Japanese family and friends.
Japan is beautiful which I have fallen in love with it many years ago.

Ginger was home for Chinese New Year.
Some how I was sad but think positive when the time she had to leave me and back to Japan for the last year studies.

It is my miserable month.
I had an operation of navel on 16 April
I had an operation in 2004 and Dr. said it was infection.
I need to go for dressing for 7 days. Oh dear it is killing painsssssssssss.