my birthday wish

few more hours to go, will be my birthday!
December is my love month.
the month of my birthday, also seasonal month full of joy, love & gifts and the last month of the year to greet a new year to come.
it has been my yearly practice that i will arrange myself for a break for that special day.
it is a day to remember my parents and is also a day to get together with my children.
no presents for me, please. i told my children.
lets paste up together for a simple dinner will be good.
i want to keep myself fit in good health for the next 20 years.
the world is too beautiful to leave and there are also many good and bad people to get alone too.
i treasure every moment i have in my life and i believe there is no fairness in the world.
i am looking forward to many many good things and miracles to happen.