my arithmetic of life

Last Sunday was the 1st week that i have to get through without my lovely girls. To others, its a hurray! 
To me, it's not. I miss my girls very much. 
But with the modern information technology in a series of free application on smartphones, it is much easier and convenient as compared to many years my mom's era. 
Now i can have WhatsApp, WeChat and FB with my girls whom i see they are near and yet they are far away. 
I told Jean, I miss both her and the sister. 
She replied me in FB messages:"U are free now, and is good experience that should go out with fz, experience single life." 
I shared with her that it is first time that we have to be parted after 20 years living together, caring each other and love one another. 
She replied:"no la.. deducted ur working time.. i think we together only ten years....." 
I laughed reading her message. 
Jean is very calculative. She is right. As a workaholic mom, i agreed with her calculation on my arithmetic life. 
I love my family, i love my girls, i love my job...
Arithmetic calculation...+, −,  x,  ÷ ,we cannot get 100 marks for all in our life.