2014 New Year's thought

See, how time is day 3 of Chinese New Year already.
Has been sunny days for the past 3 days!

Just imagine i have been deadly tire of office works before the Chinese New Year. time to do shopping, lucky my Jean is home to help me. She is my angel! She help to do the shopping bought all the food stuff and drinks. time to clean the house, which I have to do it in the night. My vacuum cleaner is 15 years old and is very noisy. I am very sorry if I have waken my neighbors. is not easy to be a King and a Queen! And that is the reason i choose to be away during Chinese New Year time....

To be away during New Year time has been started since 2003. We traveled. But due to work commitment i have to stay in office since 2012....

My kingdom is full of guests today. My relatives visited us, they have lots of topic in discussion. May be this is the joy of New Year and is the moment we have the excuse to visit each other. Everyone is busy with one's daily life...New Year is the moment of gathering.

I love the moment the brothers and sisters gather together! Its fun!